Lab Setup & Development

What equipment do I need to buy? What are the costs I need to plan? Is my workshop safe? How to generate change in my community?

Our team had these questionings on multiple occasions and we are qualified to guide you in the process of setting up your lab, help you buy the right equipment, decide of your rates/membership details and overall lab management issues.

Design & fabrication

We can assist you in the design and fabrication of objects and artistic installations using new technologies. We have worked on multiple projects of different scale. Please contact us for further details!

Personnel Training

The facilitators in your Fab Lab need to be creative on a daily basis with the machines and able to transmit their knowledge in an accesible way. We can train technicians according to your equipement, lab facilitators and Fab Managers.

Technical Training

3D Printing | Laser Cutting | Electronics | Programming | Vinyl Cutting | CNC | Audiovisual | Virtual Reality  | 3D Scanning and Modelling  |  Fab Lab Management

Techno-pedagogy & Creative Workshops

Our experience as facilitators and Fab Managers in various laboratories allows us to guide you through the process of developing workshops tailored to the need of your users & community.

Arts & Culture Management

We can help regarding arts & culture management : project management, philanthropy, open calls, artist-run centers, etc.


September 2020 Progressively resuming our activities! Some educational projects aswell as consulting projects in the next year. More details to come!
June 2018 - MM/S’ team is meeting with the ecosystem of Fab Labs and Makerspaces in the Balkans on the invitation of the organization SwissContact as Entrepreneurs-in-residence.


- Techno-pedagogy
- Creative Workshops

- Design & Fabrication 
- Lab Setup & Development
- Machine & Staff Training
- Art Installations, Cultural Projects

Technical Training

- 3D Printing, Modelling & Scanning
- Virtual Reality
- Laser & Vinyl Cutting
- Electronics
- Fab Lab Management
- Programming
Millimètre Seconde S.E.N.C. 2020
Digital creation and fabrication
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