Fab Lab du PEC

Fab Lab du PEC is a digital fabrication laboratory situated in the Pavillon d'Éducation Communautaire (PEC) of the neighborhood Hochelaga-Maisonneuve in Montreal. It is equipped with various digital fabrication machines and tools. Open to the public, a wide array of artists, designers, enginneers and thinkers come to create and work on diversified creative projects.

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September 2020 Progressively resuming our activities! Some educational projects aswell as consulting projects in the next year. More details to come!
June 2018 - MM/S’ team is meeting with the ecosystem of Fab Labs and Makerspaces in the Balkans on the invitation of the organization SwissContact as Entrepreneurs-in-residence.


- Techno-pedagogy
- Creative Workshops

- Design & Fabrication 
- Lab Setup & Development
- Machine & Staff Training
- Art Installations, Cultural Projects

Technical Training

- 3D Printing, Modelling & Scanning
- Virtual Reality
- Laser & Vinyl Cutting
- Electronics
- Fab Lab Management
- Programming
Millimètre Seconde S.E.N.C. 2020
Digital creation and fabrication
︎ ︎ ︎ Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Phone : (438) 492-7241 Email : info@millimetreseconde.com